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Care for Staff

Care for Staff

Building Up a Strong Team


KWIH organised “K. Wah Seminar” on the development of China in support of national education

To enable staff members to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nation's economic situation and future development trends, KWIH organised the "K. Wah Seminar" on China's development. The seminar featured Terence Chong, Executive Director of the Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance and Associate Head of New Asia College, as the guest speaker.

Professor Chong analysed China's current economic situation and prospects from various perspectives, with a particular emphasis on the property industry, in which the group specialises. He also discussed Hong Kong's role in the country's economic development. During the Q&A session, participants actively raised questions.

K. Wah Social Club Employee Seminar: "Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Treating Insomnia"

K. Wah Social Club invited Wang Yingshi, Assistant Professor of Practice, Chinese Medicine - Clinical Division at the School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU, to explain the concept and causes of insomnia, as well as methods to alleviate it using herbal soups and acupressure. Additionally, K. Wah Social Club distributed floral tea to colleagues as a means to reduce fatigue and promote relaxation of the body and mind.

K. Wah Social Club: Natural Hand Cream Workshop

The K. Wah Social Club held a Natural Hand Cream Workshop, allowing staff members to personally make hand creams without any artificial chemical ingredients. It helps combat the dryness of autumn and provides an extra layer of protection.

K. Wah International has always been committed to providing opportunities to balance work and life through organising diverse activities for employees, thus further enhancing employee motivation and satisfaction.

Attending to team members’ mental health - EAP Workshop: Points of You® x To cut, to abandon and to leave

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) continues to support team members in maintaining a balanced mental and physical wellbeing through the “Employee Assistance Program” and “Responsible Gaming Promotion Program”.

The recent “Points of You® x To cut, to abandon and to leave” workshop conducted by GEG and S.K.H. Macau Social Services Coordination Office introduced unique training tools to help team members improve their emotional management and formulate action plans for application in their daily lives. Team members were actively engaged and expressed great benefits from the workshop.

K. Wah Social Club: Lemon Eucalyptus Mosquito Balm Workshop

The K. Wah Social Club recently held a Lemon Eucalyptus Mosquito Balm Workshop, where employees could personally make natural mosquito repellent balm and use it with their families, enjoying a healthy, happy, and meaningful summer.

K. Wah International has always been committed to organising diverse activities for employees, providing opportunities to balance work and life, and further enhancing employee motivation and satisfaction.

K. Wah Social Club: Summer movie appreciation

K. Wah International has been actively organising various activities to provide its staff with relaxing moments, thereby enhancing their sense of belonging to the company. In July, the K. Wah Social Club organised a summer movie appreciation event, where colleagues and their families could spend an afternoon filled with laughter and emotions.