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Notice of Fraud Alert

19 Jan 2021

We have recently been made aware of a number of scams falsely using the name of our Group or our subsidiaries, or fraudsters faking identities as our staff in cities of the Mainland China. These scams have mainly involved the following illegal activities:

  1. 1. Illegal use of the logo of our Group or our subsidiaries without our Group’s authorization, and falsification of the staff name card of our Group or our subsidiaries; and
  2. 2. Faking identities of the staff of our Group or our subsidiaries by fraudsters thereby trying to solicit transaction cooperation opportunities purportedly for the Group.

In the circumstances, we would like to make the public aware of the following:

  1. 1. We will hold the fraudsters liable by pursuing all lawful means in the event of any economic losses sustained by us or damage to the reputation of our Group as a result of the fraudulent activities mentioned above.
  2. 2. Please contact us to check and clarify if you receive any suspicious communications or message, or meet any suspicious persons suspected of involving the fraudulent activities mentioned above. If you are a victim of such fraudulent scams, you are strongly advised to immediately report to the local police.

We strongly recommend that the public be more alert to the fraudulent scams as described above, and exercise extreme caution in respect of any suspicious financial solicitation purportedly in the name of our Group or our subsidiaries.

If there is any enquiry or question, please contact us at (+852) 2880 0178.

K. Wah Group

19 January 2021