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Lui Che-woo Authorized Biography

A historical record of K. Wah that passes on Dr Lui's experience and philosophy

Unveiled at K. Wah Group 60th Anniversary Grand Celebration, Lui Che-woo Authorized Biography is the first biography written based on the narratives of Dr Lui. It conveys how his industrious and conscientious approach throughout his life has steeled him through the hard times, and ultimately yielded success across different industries in various countries and regions. His outstanding achievements in the business world fully exemplify his courage to shoulder the responsibility to society, the general public and the world beyond, and has made him a unique role model of “Sharing in harmony, plain virtues and a simple approach is a blessing.” In his biography, he has also discussed his family history and the stories behind, thereby providing insights to readers on how to keep abreast of the times in our modern fast-changing era.

Dr Lui Che-woo, Founder and Chairman of K. Wah Group, shared his experience and thoughts about the publication of his authorized biography

On 20 January 2016, K. Wah Group and Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Company Limited, the publisher of the book jointly held a New Book Sharing session themed “The Spirit of Hong Kong: The Legendary Journey of Lui Che-woo”. The book presents the illuminating entrepreneurial experience of K. Wah Group’s Founder and Chairman Dr Lui Che-woo in leading the Group to stride across different eras and transcending difficulties over the past 60 years. It also illustrates the life of the octogenarian and how his business empire keeps growing and developing over the years. The book demonstrates through his accomplishments the persevering spirit of one determined individual to several generations of Hong Kong people. Through his book, Dr Lui encourages the young generation to carry on “The Spirit of Hong Kong” so as to pursue innovation and progress and create a new chapter in their life.

At the sharing session, Dr Lui addressed the questions from guest speakers including media representative Mr Man Cheuk Fei, Founder and Publisher of Master Insight Media Limited; Dr Zheng Wan Tai, Victor, Assistant Director of Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a representative of academia; and Ms Anne Lee, Deputy Chief Editor of Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Company Limited, a representative of the publishing industry. In addition to conveying his inspiration for his entrepreneurship and undeterred spirit, Dr Lui also revealed how he had overcome the ups and downs in his life through innovation and endurance, and reiterated his determination to achieve the vision of building a harmonious world.

Dr Lui Che-woo (third from left), Founder and Chairman of K. Wah Group, and guest speakers Man Cheuk Fei (second from left), Founder and Publisher of Master Insight Media Limited; Dr Zheng Wan Tai, Victor (fourth from left), Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; and Anne Lee (first from left), Deputy Chief Editor of Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Company Limited

Dr Lui's Aphorisms during Book Sharing Session

"Many people have asked me how to seize opportunities when they arise. In fact, I always observe the needs of the society. I am eager to learn things that I have no knowledge about them and would consult other people for more ideas. Indeed, we also need other people’s help to bring success. Hence, we should dedicate a lot of efforts in the beginning to cultivate relationships. And integrity is therefore very important."

"I hope the biography can help readers better understand an individual’s life experience in order to deepen their understanding of the society. Striving in the commercial field for more than 70 years, I have encountered many difficult times, but whatever challenges come my way, I always face them by staying calm and optimistic. I think inner peace of mind is invaluable."