Care for Staff

Care for Staff

Building Up a Strong Team


GEG Organizes “Galaxy Macau Family Tour 2018”

GEG organized four sessions of “Galaxy Macau Family Tour 2018”, attracting a total of more than 200 participants, including staff from around 20 different departments and their family members. By introducing Galaxy Macau’s back-of-house areas to team members’ families, GEG hopes to promote family harmony and deepen their understanding of team members’ work environment.

Basketball Fever Sweeps GEG Promoting Work-Life Balance through Sports

Seventh time as #1! Hard work paid off as GEG Basketball Team retained championship title in the Gaming Employees Basketball Tournament hosted by Gaming Employees Home. Thanks to the team’s efforts and superb skills, as well as Management on-site support during the final match. To keep up the momentum, GEG also organized 3-on-3 Basketball FUN Games, inviting staff to form sports team or cheering squad and participate in the excitement.

GEG launches GEG-MPI Gaming Position Certification fostering professional development for staff

Attaching great importance to nurturing talent, GEG offers a variety of training programs to foster professional development for staff. Co-hosted by GEG and the Macao Polytechnic Institute, the GEG-MPI Gaming Professional Development Recognition Ceremony and Position Certification Launch was organized to announce the implementation of the GEG-MPI Gaming Position Certification. The Certification will provide training for approximately 7,000 GEG team members. Additionally, the event recognized the efforts of nearly 50 team members who have earned the Gaming Management Diploma.

StarWorld Hotel Signs Occupational Safety and Health Charter promoting accident-free workplace

GEG proactively supports the Macau SAR Government’s policies on occupational safety and health. StarWorld Hotel signed the Occupational Safety and Health Charter, formalizing its commitment to creating a safer and healthier working environment for all team members such as hosting Health and Safety Management Commitment meetings regularly to discuss relevant problems and take steps to ameliorate them. It also provides occupational safety and health guidelines, training, and promotions to encourage team members to work toward an accident-free workplace.

GEG implements 70-day paid maternity leave to promote family harmony

GEG is committed to promoting family harmony and continuously enhancing its family-friendly policies for team members. Following the recent launch of five-day paid paternity leave for male employees, GEG announced, during the celebration of Galaxy Macau™’s seventh anniversary, the implementation of 70 days of paid maternity leave in order to support the consultation results released by the Macau Labour Affairs Bureau recently. Eligible team members will be entitled to 70 days (10 weeks) of paid maternity leave, which is an enhancement from the entitlement of  56 days (8 weeks) as provisioned under the labor law of Macau, providing  them a longer duration for resting and taking care of their families after delivery. A series of joyous activities were also organized at Heart of House areas under the theme of “We are Family” for team members to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Galaxy Macau while recognizing their hard work throughout the years.

KWIH Dongguan teambuilding activity realizing the importance of teamwork

The Dongguan team of KWIH organized an outdoor teambuilding activity, which fully integrated working knowledge and collaborative skills. The activity aims to deepen their understanding of corporate culture and philosophy as well as the importance of teamwork. The management has presented the Outstanding Staff Award 2017 to staffs with excellent performance in the past year and hoped that the awardees will inspire other teammates and make the team stronger and better.